Cristal Brawley and Amy Souza

Cristal Brawley

No One Said a Pandemic Would Feel This Lonely
By Amy Souza
Inspiration piece

TV people on a TV blanket watch TV stars then break into song

Absence feels like weight

An email asks if you know the key to happiness

Shows two friends laughing

The internet says to make your own fun

“If you can’t be alone, you can’t be with others”

You tell the internet to fuck off

But then you’re bitter and dig aloneness a deeper trench

Next you step outside to sense the air

The sky feels real

But the rest, who knows?

Like a tree that falls when no one’s around, all’s a mystery

Maybe silent, maybe on fire

You wash your face before bed, that’s real

Feed and exercise the body

But you can’t crack the most important code

That should be part of you like stardust instructions

Days of isolation compress your chest like

An elephant or a thousand sandbags

Someone said most humans live shallow

What you think you see belies reality

Everyone feels starved

The thing is this poem might never end

Because the sun will rise and hide the night sky

But it’s still there and we all know it

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