KJ Hannah Greenberg
and Jennifer Fendya

Jennifer Fendya
Inspiration piece

By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Happiness, after all, buds when verisimilitudes and truth form
Matching pairs, when most weet of feelings become integrated,
When both straths and oceans produce generations of occupants,
Maybe, when neighbors put down arms, stop huffing, smile a little.

It’s unnecessary to achieve redress, to reckon personal needs with
The “availability” of matériel; war’s no good for anyone half sane,
Partially human. Rather than abatises or cannons, instead of mortars,
Instead of caroms, we’d best be served by food banks, hospitals, love.

Meanwhile, much gets accomplished when governments provide
Antidotes to plagues, correctives to poverty, education for denizens.
People as thankfully embrace each other as buy contraptions, in truth
(Else when shaggy dog tales abound ‘bout the Indian Ocean’s real depth).


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