Darice Jones and Tiffany Golden

Tiffany Golden

Neither Here Nor There
By Darice Jones
Inspiration piece

It was like transitions were booming in her ears
in that way the first thunder of the season could shock you

It was like the transitions were shaking away her comfort
a big earthquake along the Hayward faultline, after years of stillness

Her consciousness had expanded and her sense of the things of being was broader
a big open field receiving months of rain, allowing itself to be soaked in life’s elixir

But it was not yet Spring
Everything was underneath
No one could see the seeds
And even the seeds themselves began to doubt as the days rolled by

a trickster that forced everything to slow down
a freezing breeze made of everything
that forced even the most formidable to fold into themselves

go inside
be alone
find the light within

you can’t ignore your breath now
it’s visible
it floats in front of you

wraps around you
pushing you indoors

be still and find your way
take a deep one – here and now

lay blankets on top of your skin
to weigh you down
to slow you down
to help you accept the middle part

this part that makes you tired, turns up your fear, rattles your faith

this part

when you’ve ventured out and transition has met you for the journey
arrival time unknown

Written By Darice Marcella Jones
In the year of Octavia Butler ©2022

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