Donna JT Smith and Leslie Grollman

Leslie Grollman
“A Creation Myth”
Inspiration piece

Creation of the Myth
By Donna JT Smith

There was this extreme “kaboom!”

like when a tree falls in the woods only hundreds of times quieter because

even more people weren’t there

to hear it than there would be for the tree.

And a whole very large nothing sprung a hole through which

great somethings and sparkly bits spewed:

vomitous milky ways

and chunky earthy things that stuck on,

and grew into cows ‘n’ mountains,

and other nouns we’d eventually enjoy –

though hornets ‘n’ lava not so much –

when we morphed from monkeys

and got even better thumbs.

That’s the way creaturing and featuring began.

We won’t be keeping all this though, kid – too much upkeep.

“Home for Sale –

perfect distance from the sun –

great views –

needs work –

sold as is”


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