Missy Lambert and Juleen Johnson

Juleen Johnson
Inspiration piece

This Old Bird Writes Something
By Missy Lambert

It’s not easy to write when I feel like an old bird that has to dip its beak into ink and peck out some shapes and hope that they make sense to somebody. My clumsy thoughts stumble into words that have been in hiding, squint their eyes, trying to adjust to the light. Words that are no longer fluid and flowing with ease the way they used to. Bodies get old and stiff, maybe words do too. Old creaky stories that get half way down the hallway but never make it out the door. Oh the good old days, when words formed effortlessly from the ideas drifting by, paragraphs created with abandon! A beginning, middle and end! Imagine the pleasure, imagine!


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  1. Posted January 11, 2023 at 11:40 am | #

    An exquisite pairing of words and image!