Missy Lambert and
Kathleen Finn Jordan

Missy Lambert
“Old Growth Fettered”

(See video of Missy’s painting process here.)

Braiding the Living
By Kathleen Finn Jordan
Inspiration piece

Shocked in the reading of Braiding the Sweetgrass
Grieved for the Lake and the Cedar trees fair
Gripped by the notion of damage long standing
Pining for the healing of rain, water and air

Thankful for Indigenous peoples who stood strong
Enraged their appeals have found only deaf ears
Humbled in the knowing of benefits I’ve had
Hoping a change will bring new life in years

Moved by the notion that land is our brother
Inspired by the need of relationship with all
Awakened to the presence of species united
Praying for a heart receptive to the call

Trapped in ideas of a growth so unfettered
Damaged by a greed that is blinding and fierce
Fractured from our sources of life and kind spirit
Braiding the Living remains our course out of tears.


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