Amy Moffitt and Betty Nichols

Betty Nichols
Inspiration piece

Old Dominion Drive
By Amy Moffitt

The last time I drove this road,
I was singing at the top of my lungs to the full moon,
Singing to her about love
…….about longing
………….about saving my own life.

I used to laugh at people like me.

I learned how to sing to the moon
in the company of women,
women whose lives were moved by the moon,
and who knew well enough to notice it,
and we sang to her as a sister,
…….as a mother,
………….as a friend.

Last time I drove this road,
I sang to the moon,
and she heard me,
and she sang back with her clear silvery light.

I used to laugh at women like me.

Years ago, I drove down this road,
shaking, terrified,
prisoner to a world
that ridicules what it doesn’t understand.
Something inside of me was dying,
and it cried out,
under the old dominion of cynicism.

I was taught to be afraid of mystery,
but mystery is where the magic is,
and magic is where women meet together,


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