Dale Leffler and Jonathan Ottke

Jonathan Ottke
Inspiration piece

Mateo Muchacho Words
By Dale Leffler

He waits for you like a lover
attentively sad on the couch.
His eyes convey his longing,
loneliness, as his shoulders slouch.

Never sure how long you’ll be gone
never sure when you’ll return
missing you all the while
it’s your presence that he yearns.

Knows not the meaning of time
only the hollow of your absence.
Lying near where you always sat
comforted by your body’s scent.

He hears the ripple of rubber tires
a car pulls up the drive
ears attentive for door-lock clicks
and it’s you who arrive.

Now his face becomes a smile
delight returns to puppy-dog eyes.
Snipped tail whips in staccato beats
you’ve come home, his inamorato prize.


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