Tora Estep and Ash Martins

Tora Estep
Acrylic paint on paper

A Sorry Scoop
By Ash Martins
Inspiration piece

You abandoned us like a stray ice cream scoop
dropped on a picnic table at the park
Sticky, greedy, grubby
hands seeking fresh novelty and adventure elsewhere
leaving sweetness and responsibility far behind

(O! The ants rejoice at such neglect!)

I gather a queer kind of comfort up all around me
and warm myself to the core,
steeped in the beautiful knowledge that
my efforts would never have been enough
I never could have been enough for you

(And so it goes!)

Yet, I am more than you could ever try to stifle,
Because I contain multitudes
and magic, and then some!
But you, you are a neglected,
melty ice cream cone at the park

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