Darice Jones and Quinzee the Artist

Quinzee the Artist
“When the Giants Cam0”
Pencil drawing

Free New World for The Formerly Oppressed
By Darice Jones
Inspiration piece

It wasn’t until the ancestors of all the world’s people returned
that human beings living in the year 2024 saw truth again.
Many people had been hypnotized by fake news, fear, and addiction – the holy trinity –
the bread and butter of the “elite” hoarders
who would allow children to starve and be crushed just for another gold coin and the rush of power.
They had set up foundations and paperwork and soulless systems and governments and a world wide web of madness.
These rulers talked of bloodlines and genders and races and borders and
they smeared false distinctions on the tongues of everyone like peanut butter on a cracker at snacktime.
Their worldview was forced on everyone at the end of a gun’s barrel
And many many people chose to go on living rather than fall away
Never knowing if their lives or deaths had any meaning

Here we are in 2044 reflecting on our past
So near and yet so far back
While the earth rebuilds herself
And the deep sea replenishes
While the idea of borders is a thing of the past
And the makers of race are all gone
Where the resources are shared and our children and elders keep us honest
With their wisdom and laughter and making of treats

On Juneteenth of 2024
While the rulers were extracting all the life out of the planet
As was their way back then

The sky appeared to part over every town around the globe
We finally knew there was something else out there, beyond the life we’d been seeing, beyond the death we were afraid of
And these global ancestors spoke in all languages at once where everyone could hear
We all came out of whatever buildings or shelters we had been in
We all, all the people, looked up
I remember wondering if all of humanity had ever looked up at once before

We were all rapt

There was no news, were no social media posts, no word of mouth, no chatter at all
We all felt the call and we all stood, head back, soul open

And listened

They looked like all of us, they smelled, and sounded, and moved like all of us around the world
Except they were large in the sky and their voices boomed
We realized we knew all the languages
We realized we knew each other
We realized we were sent here as stewarts
We realized we were sent here to care for all living things
We realized that all things were living

We saw many souls that we knew being drawn up into the air – like the old book that described a rapture
But this culling was a removal of souls bent on destroying the planet
We realized our books, especially the spiritual ones, were not meant to hold us captive
Those at the tops of the worlds hierarchies were stopped mid-sentence as they prattled on about war, manipulation, and wealth
The ability to know sorrow returned to their souls as they floated up to meet our collective ancestral family
It seemed to rain as the tears fell from them at horrors they had overseen
They realized they were stewarts
They realized they had failed
They realized they had killed
They realized they had enslaved
They realized they had stolen
They realized they had given in to something empty
Headed nowhere

Now, in 2044, the world is loud with life
Bubbling with connection
Giggling in depth
The seas rocking back and forth to comfort those of us that were here for the shift
And we are doing the things we were sent here to do
No one able to forget where we come from
No one is lost in addiction to hoarding the things that belong to no one
The air is clean
The waters are fresh
The babies are safe
The elders are ready to become huge when it is there time
And to watch us from the far reaches of the universe
And to part the skies if they have to
To remind us what life is.

Written by Darice Marcella Jones
In the Year of Zora Neal Hurston 2024

© 2024

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