Amy Moffitt and Nick Winkworth

Nick Winkworth
Inspiration Piece

By Amy Moffitt


There’s a promise in every set
of flashing, twinkling, colorful lights.
There’s someone saying: “Follow me”,
past the flickering shapes, through the haloed glow.
There’s another world, waiting.

You lied to me with your city’s colors,
lights, and shadows. You said
I would find my future, myself,
and fulfill my dreams. You lied to me with that
wide, sparkling river, with the allure of a foreign land.

The boldest lies are told
with a simple look in the eyes,

Flickering city, I didn’t see you
covered in coal dust, didn’t see the lives
and backs broken from labor in the effort
to power your high voltage allure.

I didn’t see all the broken down,
burned out light bulbs. Didn’t see
the whole glittering machine, decaying
and being destroyed, even as it destroys.

The boldest lies are those being told
through broken teeth and splitting lips,
capped, masked, covered in makeup
and decaying.

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