Charisse Cecil and Lizzie Parker

Charisse Cecil
Unperceptive Glances

Collage/Acrylic, 8 x 10 inches

By Lizzie Parker

Inspiration Piece


still is easy
rolling off rain
down paths of disciplined suffering
toward release a[nd]s bliss
and [un]attuned
projecting unperceptive glances
overlooking divided lips
blaring silent pronouncements

steel keeps hard
fire-cast exterior
cool [solid] to the touch
yielding to feed a molten core
and dense
folding collapsing inward
too heavy to quiver
or hit Earth without shattering

steal splits closed
carting off unfenceable wares
without turning or turning heads
parting to laugh with/at/on
and runs west
setting out with hand clinched
and/or dripping
dropping loads and beats two one

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