Frann Haykin and Vita Sims

Vita Sims
Inspiration piece

A Dream Accomplished
By Frann Haykin

She switched off the car engine,
And gazed out at the view.
Drawing close to the mountains
Was what she’d come here to do.

So she unwrapped a canvas
And rested it on her lap.
Then squeezed paints into a palette,
All slippety-slap…

Which did merge on their own
In new colours and hues…
That sneakily trickled,
And spilled onto her shoes.

She thought not of discomfort
While cramped in her seat.
There was no-one to distract her,
And no-one there to meet..

The mountains that moved her
Were all she thought of.
Just as though she and they
Had now fallen in love.

Till a wind-gust through the window
Caught some hair in her teeth.
But with oil paint on her fingers –
It was hard to seek relief.

So it was she puffed and spat,
Until the hairs got dislodged.
The unwelcome irritation –
Now successfully dodged.

Thus an hour had passed
As though no time at all.
But her body was saying
It had been a long haul.

So she shifted one leg
To free sensations of cramp.
And rolled up the window.
The air was cold and damp.

But now streaks of red and yellow
Had spread this way and that.
And a bird flew past,
Cawing: “That painting looks flat!”

Feeling jolted from her reverie
And her mind’s eye view –
She stared hard at her painting,
Wondering if that was true.

A now unfamiliar collage,
With all recognition fled.
It seemed as though her handiwork
Had just vanished from her head.

How could that be so..?
She’d delighted in her dreams.
Why a fleeting voice claiming
That it’s not what it seems?

And she felt herself crumbling
In wondering and doubt.
Till she rolled down the window
And yelled: “It’s MY dream, you lout!”

Well now, that really did it ;
She was trembling tip to toe.
She dabbed at the canvas
With brushstrokes, to and fro.

And suddenly her painting
Was her wild and cherished dream.
A vivid contrast of colours,
In red, yellow and green.

And the tree-lines were etched in…
The clouds smoothed into the blue.
Now the artist had become
Finally one with the view.

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