KJ Hannah Greenburg and Yolanda Palis

Yolanda Palis
Inspiration Piece

By KJ Hannah Greenberg


Softly, like feathers falling from an unsullied carcass,
Arbitrary, raspberry sentiments dislodge, plummet, once more while
Catching a ticket to humanity’s vitrine of warm, second-hand wrappings.

All the way to the National Championships, where assaulted sensibilities swim
Like small fish foundering in perfunctory forms, such sentiments pry
Ambulating children away from medals, sponsors and other lauding.

There, purrs plus snuggles fail our celestial beings, babies and lovers.
Media scrutinized territory can rival more than fabricated rain forests,
Hot dog-style carts, or the most awesome of carnival attractions.

Clandestine, yet idolized by bedmates, those brutes sniffle a little
Before publically asking for num-nums. Their upper arms alarm
Old women, but, guidelines not withstanding, such contours work for me.

When wrapped securely, it’s possible for this one to fathom ideational curves,
To fantasize comforts, including, at least, fellows handy with childcare;
Changing diapers is a valued attribute to most mindful, single mothers.

Meanwhile, it’s better to dream of nothing, to quiet lasciviously,
Instead of traveling east for improved options of ill-defined chaos.
Hush those vocals little mimic; don’t say a word.

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