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Peg Bruhn
Mom’s Kitchen Window

Inspiration piece

Another Morning
By Marge Amey


Another morning….this one is a sunny one, the kind I love. What could be better than a gloriously sunny, warm day like this? All of my children were here this weekend and some of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well. They gathered around me to celebrate my 98th birthday. I’ve had a long life and have seen many, many sunny mornings. I wonder how many more I will have.

My granddaughter pulled out these old photographs. Every time she comes over, she likes to look at them. She asks me so many questions, but often times, my memory fails me and I can’t identify all of the people in the pictures any more.

I know this one, though. It’s a picture of me and my older sister, Elmere. It was taken when we were in high school. We grew up on a farm near Utica, NY. There were seven of us Wilcott kids. I had three brothers and three sisters. I was the third oldest girl. As I look through these old photographs, I remember my older brother, Jim, leading the bunch of us littler ones up the hill to our one- roomed school house. On wintry days, he would laugh at me trying to trudge through the deep snow. In the summer, my dad told us to cut through the cornfield to make the walk shorter. Since we couldn’t see over the tall cornstalks, he suggested that we first look for the tall tree by the school house and aim in that direction. Elmere would hold my hand and pull me along.

That was nearly ninety years ago. Where did the time go? All of my brothers and sisters are gone now except for my youngest brother, Dennis, who is 95 and still involved in Senior Olympics. My two oldest brothers died early, but my sisters all died in their nineties. Elmere left us last October just two weeks short of her 100th birthday. How I miss them all.

The photo in the little frame is of my guy. Isn’t he handsome? George and I married when we were 20. He died of a sudden heart attack when he was only 59, so I have been alone for a long time and I still miss him so much.

I have lost nearly all of my friends as well and I miss them too. One by one the ladies from my church group have died. The last one to leave me behind was Peg Fairhead. She and I used to talk on the phone each week. I keep my Bible near me for inspiration and comfort now that I seldom go to church.

I get lonely sometimes and wonder why I am still here. Maybe I’ve been left behind to keep the memory of the others alive. It’s hard to know. I am pretty healthy thanks to that big pile of pills I take every day. I still live in an apartment by myself. I get Meals on Wheels and I have my youngest son next door to keep a check on me.

George and I had four wonderful children who’ve given me ten grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren. They are perfection! Some days I think I’m ready to go, but I don’t really want to leave them all behind. It seems like there’s always a Halloween costume to exclaim over or a birthday party or some kind of special event to go to. Right now, my desk is full of valentines that the young ones made for me. I would hate to miss all of that fun.

So, I guess I’ve had a good life and I’m grateful for these sunny days that are just extra blessings to enjoy as I patiently wait until the end comes.

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