Rusty Lynn and Marla Deschenes

Rusty Lynn
Night Visions

Mixed media on paper, 11 x 14 inches

By Marla Deschenes

Inspiration Piece

The quiet is broken only by the sound of crickets and
the cars going by way too fast outside the fence
knowing children are not at play
risking the ticket is worth it to get to
surrounded by crickets in bushes
A chorus of cacophony
Fading light
The sun is put to bed by the moon and the stars are the nightlights
twinkling, seeming to sway
as my dogs run across the yard
two white blurs on darkened grass
crickets silence at their approach.
I stand
mosquitoes making a feast of my flesh
as I wait
thinking how I should know better than to venture out at dark
with so much skin exposed.
My head tilts back to see the bat circling
Dipping in a private dance with fireflies while I beg
in my mind for the him to eat the mosquitoes instead.
Maybe then
The mosquito that ate from me ends up inside the bat
And a tiny part of me
Flies away
Into the night
Into the dark
Into the sound of the chorus of crickets.
My faithful companions
Lope across the yard at dog speed
Tongues rolling out to the side
Ready to join me in my journey to sleep
Away from the mosquitoes and the bat and the crickets,
To the place where the TV offers the blur of reality
That drowns out
The sounds
Of the night
Outside our safest havens.
Blankets and sheets twisted around my legs
I yield to the soft bend of my partner’s body
And the soft breathing of both he
And the dogs
Match the steady beat of the
Cricket song
The bat wings
The lightening bug flash
And the grass whispering sweet dew covered secrets to the moon.
We are safe here
In our corner of the earth.
Serenaded by crickets.


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