Yolanda Palis and
KJ Hannah Greenberg

Yolanda Palis

The Stray in the Dumpster:
The Relative Apertures of Aborted Attempts
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Inspiration Piece

The dumpster cat whinged, imprisoned
After that lid, heavy and absent-mindedly closed, missing
Tail, but inflicting agony, hate, and random
Discomfort among scraps of muscle, fat, grizzle.

Reminiscence grows from safety such as stacked
Trash bags binned. Another queen’s prior
Occupancy can mean mislaid reserves. What’s more,
Competitors confound access to puddles.

Quickly, the closed-in realize crying brings dogs, snakes, people.
Their poverty’s measured by homestead, not health.
Iniquity trips, not quakes, at such broken wombs. Irrespective
Bubbles dissipate. Also, clouds fatten, dump, reboot.

Eventually, some idiot heaves the insolvents’ doors open,
Tosses timing’s ballast, while disregarding dwellers’ integrity.
Ironically, it’s the new junk’s abundance that reveals
Routes to escape; “misplaced” remains relative.

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