Ann Marie Williams and Elizabeth Cordes

Ann Marie Williams
“Tangled Ocean Dreams”

Ocean Dreams
By Elizabeth Cordes

Inspiration piece

There is a long, luxurious hiss

as the sun sinks into the ocean.

The shimmering light

of the extinguishing beast

casts blood-red diamonds across the surface

and the waves lavish them on the shore.

My eyes half-lidded

from the hazy crimson dusk,

I descend to the beach

to collect the sparkling treasure.

I tie them together

on a bit of fishing line,

crimped and knotted.

But soon, as twilight descends

and the moonlight clears my vision,

I see that my diamonds are nothing

more than sea glass,

and my work is nothing

more than a tangle of garbage and broken shells.

I throw it to the ground

and watch it crawl away.

The fishing line is threaded

through the tip of a hermit crab’s shell.

My tangled dream drags along

behind its home, only to snag

on a wayward stone.

I watch it struggle a moment,

then turn away.



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