Jan Irene Miller and
KJ Hannah Greenberg

Jan Irene Miller
Acrylic on paper, 23 x 30 inches

Death of a Young Boy from the ‘Hood:
Stratified Healthcare’s Disgrace in Serving the General Public
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Inspiration piece

Young farmer boy, fair upon fair,
Young gold on gilded hill,
Counting chaff left from field mining,
Your pale-colored piles tallied,
Wealth-bonded bracts bound homeward.

Bullion plus poor bits, together
At sunset prove nightfall’s imminent.
An austere sky’s imperfect color
Reveals husks’ deficient coinage.
Dusk’s loneliness sifts such alchemy money,

Reclaiming all but silver,
When the warehouse journey begins, even ambulance cavalry’s
Troubadours, jugglers all red-blue ribboned,
And behemoths decked in bells,
Prove impotent; bankers’ hours have finished.

In a day’s traffic, few care.
Alabaster carriages come and go, pulling destiny,
Riding provincial chariots
Whose groomsmen carelessly load
Other peoples’ riches.

Prosperity makes medical merchants sloppy.
Circumstances, heedless of tomorrows, conspire
Until just one unbolted door
Suffices for gold to slip away, en route,
Entirely wasted.

Elsewhere, common greetings
Plus boxed houses stand,
In reflected glory,
Continuing to ripple
Without their mighty, future glumes.



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