KJ Hannah Greenberg
and Jan Irene Miller

Jan Irene Miller
Inspiration piece

Deliberate Blossoming
By  KJ Hannah Greenberg

Forever gently, this stem, that stamen, some leaves grow,
Fledged cultivars extending skyward, tangoing off fertile-seeming
Affable folk, persons known for predictable, innocent orbits.

Within moist situations, though, matured futures cushion against edited
Actions’ gleaming, winsome moments, especially ones expanding life’s cycles,
Which might burst growth both obbligoto and ad libitum.

Just this weekend, per se, my viewable universe’s oxters unfolded
Revealing brindled moonbeams, sweet ethereal aether,
Glittery star palps, plus asteroids, also occasional planets.

Their maws, opened, enlarged, became kin to celestial ouroboros,
Glistened here and there as plantings whose entreaties
Encompassed Earth-side circles, lunar references, better decrees.

Free of unappeasable stops, such petals dissolved like pure toluene.
Flames melted displays dripped from heaven’s most cerebral oulipos,
Transformed wisps clinging to circumstantial emulsions, rocks, strong verbs.

Those tendrils, entangled among verse, girded no inviolate form or sensible pod,
Rather, as wild gyrations, found among staid mentations, their cousins, pets,
Neighbors’ fiefdoms (urbane or edgy), they bloomed all mysteriously sticky and tall.

Apparently, emergence copes; literary quiviut prospers among pelagic works,
Deep space’s precious motes sort of float if not anchored, tethered like satellites,
Or otherwise rooted in cosmic alluvium. Ever so often, budding trumps social norms.


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  1. Posted June 2, 2010 at 2:34 am | #

    The proverbial garden, come to life, in word and image. Lovely!