Yolanda Palis and
Jewel Beth Davis

Yolanda Palis

The Scenic Designer
By Jewel Beth Davis

Inspiration piece

A snip of this,
A swatch of that,
A splotch of color everywhere.
Dots of color like Pisarro.

Step back.
Further back.
Your life comes into focus.

You’ve been too close to see
The gold and glitter,
The swish and sway,
The depth and richness, The patterns of light and dark,
The daring,
The drama,
The quiet gentle press of images and moments
For us,
All for us
From you.

Give me your scissors.
I won’t let you cut away
One square inch more
Of the fabric of your life.

Pick up your brush and add
More color, bolder strokes.
It will only serve
To deepen the texture
Because it’s beautiful
And you will know when
To put the brush down.



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