Nicole Harper and
Marla Deschenes

Nicole Harper

By Marla Deschenes
Inspiration piece

Beneath the surface of harmony the dreamers sleep,

This is when I come alive.

The darkness hides the flaws

Societal reject

Cloaked in the black of the sky.


From the conformity of day,

Eyes opened wide to accept the glistening bits of stars.

Only a few get to see my naked soul

Covered by decorated flesh.

You will not know me.

I live in shadows

Clinging to sheltered places where light cannot reach.

My feelings are the darkness

My love is the darkness

My heart is nothing but darkness.

Close your eyes, dreamers,

Close your eyes and dream.

I will be out here

Reaching for the moon

Restoring the peace of midnight calm

Watching the planets turn

Through poet eyes.

A drag from my cigarette at dawn.

Exhale the poison like the sound of the wind

Open your eyes.

With the first light






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