Tori Lane and Lisa Pimental

Lisa Pimental
Inspiration piece

Late Morning Walk
By Tori Lane


The little blonde runs ahead of her mom on the sidewalk,
slightly too big toddler jeans hanging on her diaper,
pink sneakered feet moving almost faster than she can handle.

Her mom laughs to herself,
noticing how the corners of strangers mouths
inevitably reach skyward
when her daughter giggles by.

She bounces up to a pot of flowers outside a store
and with greedy innocence plucks a few,
little ungentle hands squishing petals,
mangling the delicate blooms.

Kneeling beside her,
her mom carefully takes one
and tucks it into the mess of baby blonde hair.
Spinning the little girl around,
she gestures to their reflection in the store window.

Little blue eyes scan the glass until they settle on her mom’s gaze.
She smiles as motherly arms envelop her in a secure hug.

Nuzzling her, the smiling mom
whispers into her daughter’s ear
and the little one erupts in tickled laughter,
wiggling until she’s released.
Her mom remains kneeling,
loving eyes chasing the little one down the sidewalk.

Quickly, the little girl stops and rushes back
to press a mangled flower into one of her mom’s hands
and take the other with hers.

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