Phyllis Weissman
and BR Belletryst

By BR Belletryst

Inspiration Piece

For the Love of Liana
By Phyllis Weissman

Liana stood on the deck of her beautiful home waiting for the love of her life, Joe to come home. Joe was her best friend, and husband of ten years. Their two children Brie and JJ were with their grandparents so Liana and Joe could celebrate their anniversary without interruption.

The sultry breeze blew Liana’s thick red tresses as she held her face up to the sun and smiled happily at the thought of Joe coming home from work in less than an hour. Liana had put on Joe’s favorite sexy dress. It was royal blue with a low neckline that bared her neck, upper back and toned arms. The dress was soft and silky and felt wonderful against her soft alabaster skin.

Liana’s life with Joe had been wonderful filled with abundant love.  It was difficult to believe that their first meeting had almost been a disaster. Liana’s brother Ken had set them up on a blind date. They were to meet at a kitschy restaurant in South Beach. Joe was late and hadn’t called. Liana was about to leave when Joe showed up. He looked exhausted as he approached her with a scowl on his handsome face; he looked angry and a little sad.

“Liana, I’m surprised to find you still here!” Joe had said in his deep baritone. He stood there stony faced a magnificent specimen of a man all six foot plus of him with his wavy ebony hair and sea blue eyes.

“We can remedy that immediately, Joe. I was about to leave. You are rude and unfeeling. This was a mistake.”

“I guess your brother has never seen your bitchy side.” Joe replied tersely.

Without hesitation Liana picked up the large glass of water she had been sipping and threw it in Joe’s face. Then with her head held high, Liana walked out of the restaurant fighting the tears that had immediately welled up.

Joe stood there wiping off his face and neck. He certainly deserved what had happened. It had been the day from hell and he had no right taking it out on the beautiful redhead who had been his blind date. Tossing some money on the table Joe ran out the door hoping to find Liana. She was hailing a cab and was crying. If he hadn’t felt like an absolute jerk a few minutes ago, he sure did now.

“Liana, wait. I am so sorry. I had no right to take my day out on you. Could we please start again?”

Liana turned to face Joe, her slanted turquoise eyes filled with tears. Joe gently wiped a tear as it ran down her cheek. A lump rose in Liana’s throat at his compassionate gesture.

“I’ve been a colossal jerk. That’s not who I am. I should have had one of my nurses call you and tell you I’d be late. I’ve been in surgery since 11am and there were complications. Mark’s only 16 and we don’t know if he’ll make it. I’m supposed to be one of the best thoracic surgeons and all my skills and knowledge didn’t…” Joe’s voice filled with emotion and he couldn’t finish his sentence. Liana grabbed both Joe’s hands and looked into his eyes as she spoke. They were both stunned by the connection that they felt as their hands remained entwined.

“Joe, my brother didn’t tell me anything about you, Joe. I’d like to start again as you suggested.”

“That’s great Liana. Let’s go to Sublime Caterers and get a picnic basket and sit on the beach.”

That night both Liana and Joe knew they had found the one. The spent the next year together and were married on the anniversary of the day they met.

Now ten years later things couldn’t be better. Liana’s musings were interrupted by Joe’s loving voice.

“Hey Red, I’m home and I’m so glad to be here. I love you so much. Happy Anniversary!

In seconds Liana was in Joe’s arms and they kissed passionately.

“Come to our bedroom Red and I’ll give you your present.”

“I can’t wait, Joe.” Liana said mischief in her voice.

“Well, there’s that too, my love and I really have a special gift for you. Which do you want first?”

Liana laughed and whispered, “Guess” as she took his hand as they went to their bedroom.