Dale Leffler and Greg Adkins

Greg Adkins

Dale Leffler
Response Piece

Hand Over Hand

So there it is, the challenge
do I still have the hand strength, shoulder strength,
the strength of will?

Hand over hand, do I grab each one or
can I skip and go with every other?
Such a silly child’s game, why bother
It is only twelve feet long and eight feet high
Why would I want to try?
What is there to gain?
There is no loss of dignity after six decades
I used to be an athlete, baseball and track

Or is this a metaphor
A childhood base line
A measure of the progress of my decline
or lack of same
The world presents opportunities and how do I respond?
Do I simple go for it in exchange for the possible pain
Do I indulge in analysis paralysis
or is there some third, more conscious and thoughtful avenue
to be taken

Mind games, body pains, same days over again
Is that what this is all about?
Am I done growing, am I satisfied in not knowing
or is who I am no longer a hand over hand, hanging on to the end,
keep my feet from touching the ground kind of person
in the playground of life?

I wonder

Words by dale

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  1. Posted September 7, 2010 at 1:55 am | #

    Dale’s voice comes through as the reader views the image. I love the questions and the wondering, standing on the brink.