Margot Eyring
and Kathleen Finn Jordan

Margot Eyring

By Kathleen Finn Jordan
Inspiration Piece

Recall: the deep waters
Edge of cliff looking
and then
Anticipating the rush into the depths
Poised, set, off into the steep fall
Into fathoms of wispy forceful ocean breath
Swallowing the body in a total plunge
Some dives perfect
Others a ruin swirling into currents unfriendly
Cuts, bruises, pain, confusion
Emerging either refreshed and exhilarated or
Pained and weedy, hurting, parts crying out for mercy
A decision gone somehow wrong
Bringing chaos, confusion, the feeling of away from normal
The thought that safer waters could be surfed, swum
Safer ports investigated, safer life lived in the shallow spots
Far from plunge and peril, balanced and predictable
Ah– but where is the free, the fall, the expectation
The unsure and the grasp for more
The reach, the challenge, the risk
The pure joy when one surpasses what was expected
And grabs a memory — welling up for a lifetime
With its fullness and its promise of an ever greater thrust
An ever higher leap, an even deeper find, an ever more fulfilling
Gulp of life, Gasp of AHA, Glissade of space.
Choosing to spend life, boldly
Choosing to live on a startlingly rich canvas of brilliant color
Daring to plunge:  consequences be dammed.



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  1. Posted September 11, 2010 at 6:25 am | #

    What an inspiration to take Life with both hands, take chances, find heights, depths, fulfillment; to take chances and overcome the hurts and hurdles, and soar. The images in the picture (the swirling hair, the twisted ribbon, the marbling…) and then the peaceful, serene, triumphant pose at the end, partner the poem so perfectly. Thank you both.

  2. Posted September 11, 2010 at 10:33 am | #

    Thanks, Christine for your wonderful poetic comment on life and renewal.