Michelle Wallace and Kim Dollar

Michelle Wallace, “Friendship”

Response Piece

Kim Dollar, “For Michelle”

Inspiration Piece

Living in darkness, though surrounded with joy

Regret and despair choked breath from her voice

Marching through gardens, God’s gifts merely blurs

Reciting a poem with no rhythm or verse

Shadows born of complacency clung

To her thoughts, obstructing her view of the Sun

Comfort, fierce siren she is, sat enthroned

Though greed, her wingman, was also at home

Velvety clothing of spiritual oppression

Weighted her down, inviting self obsession

No longer just bore chains sung of in hymns

Now means of slavery of life and of limbs

Not looking to the Sun, in vain, she kept trying

To break free of the dark while her hope it was dying

The Sun would not, however, be ignored

And up to her knees crashed the hard floor

She heard herself wetly cry out ‘Oh God, please help me!

I’m helpless and scared. Please, Lord come and get me!’

Gentle invasion, Love’s light took to wing

A breeze when a cottonwood tree marries spring

In timing as perfect as aging and birth

A battle was won, reclaiming her worth

Transformation and renewing of mind,

Flowered and basked in light newly shined

Self control and strength conquered addiction

Grace and peace cooled seething affliction

Liberated legs were encouraged to dance

Newly freed heart to discover romance

And though absence of light for so long begets fear

Love’s remedy did not beseech her to steer

A lamb without flock can be easily lost

Yet vulnerability did not come without cost

Disciples of love missed their aim

Indifference awoken phantom pain

True fellowship was a distant shore

She an awkward sailor without an oar

Growing doubts, inclination to cower

Instead she leaned on a Spirit of power

So rescue arrived from looming night

A bright eyed emerald reflecting love’s light

Joyful reciprocation of friendship and time

Artful inspiration for love of the Divine

Freely given love, sincere encouragement

The simple act of mere acknowledgement

Gifts bestowed through the radiant jewel

Cured her misdirection of feeling a fool

Small victory behind, eyes can face the front

Take another step, continue with the hunt

Light is for the taking, the key is to obey

And use the hope given to find another ray

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