Myfanwy Fox and Kapulco

Twiggy Moon
by Kapulco
inspiration piece

The Moon’s Names
by Myfanwy Fox


The moon has many guises
– silver, harvest, man-in-the, full, new –
and as many stories, folktales.
There are no evil names for her;
all respectful, fond, ‘mazed.

The more we contemplate something
the more names it has
– Eskimos for snow (so they say)
or men for their penises –
names build up,
like tide-washed grains:
a shingle bank of linguistic history.

The moon whispers lost names;
harks back; tingles spines;
raises spectres.
We close curtains,
switch on electric lights,
drown in neon glare
or extravagant fireworks;
film the flash and roar
of retros lifting
a new satellite into her space.
“A giant leap for mankind”
but all we gain is ashes:
“Dust to dust.”

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