Cecilia Driscoll and Evelyn Ihrke

Evelyn Ihrke

Inspiration Piece


Life Layers Pantoum

Cecilia Driscoll



In the layers of your life

in the branching and flowing

you dance, almost invisible

lit by fire or stars.


In the branching and flowing

in the blues and the greens

lit by fire or stars,

sparks of abundance.


In the blues and the greens

cascades rush, veins flow.

Sparks of abundance

in charmed golden light.


Cascades, rush.  Veins, flow.

Through structure and weather.

In charmed golden light,

arms, branches, reach.


Through structure and weather

through memory’s shadows

arms, branches reach.

Stars bloom, arising.


Through memory’s shadows

winged silver with dreams

stars bloom, arising.

What do you see?


Winged silver with dreams

you dance, almost invisible.

What do you see

in the layers of your life?



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