Elizabeth Akin Stelling and Tyson West

‘Dinner In Spain’ by Elizabeth Akin Stelling

As Taught by Sister Erin
by Tyson West

My children sweet you see ─

All is part of God’s plan

And so is nothing

For without a plan there is no God

Consider geese ─ good Catholics all

Even those way stationing in Protestant or Muslim lands

Not proselytizing our faith but still prepared to die for it

Their patron saint, Martin of Tours, appointed bishop ─ silly goose himself before God’s will,

Feeling unworthy at his pending investiture,

Concealed his white robe in hope among their white feathers that

God’s hand would not wring his neck

But they ratted him out

Righteously so for the greater glory of God.

Heathen monkeys worship their Hanuman and the Jackal and the Ibis headed gods of Egypt boast of their bestial divinity

Making Jesus cry

But except for the general love of St. Francis, most animals get no saint.

Kiddies, Mother Goose must be an abbess

And aren’t geese martyred at the birth of our Savior?

Consider this photo from Spain

A flock of white geese gleans a cornfield

Good maize from the Americas

Leaving not one corn of corn to abide alone

Christ taught the conquistadores of the maize

Through the red men whose souls they sojourned to save

God gaggles all geese to heaven

Still my children

Love orders the world as we know it or not

Yet I will confess to you my children

The cold ocean of feelings that washes over me in the background

Christ I shiver at

Primal horsetails growing chaos in the wild wasteland behind the field

Lingering forage for grazing thunder lizards

Fear of earthquake

Epona riding the night

And the persistence of Poseidon.