Kathleen Finn Jordan and David Epps

David Epps  Reflection

Inspiration Piece

Glistening Ornament/ Snow Sleigh Skylight

Kathleen Finn Jordan


Staring at the Christmas tree

eyes full of ornaments elbowing into memory

focusing now on the ruby red image of sleighing days glistening on the extended finger of the giant spruce arm

stretched out to harbor the photo shining from inside the ornament

reminding me of fun filled sleigh rides

beneath the spread of other giant spruces garlanding the winter lodge.

cutter sleighs flying down hills

bathed in snow and shushing to a stop as loved one snaps a photo

trapping one of those ice cold warm heart days that winter brings

locking it into a glass ball image to garland a tree for a later time

in a cozy fireplaced room free of ice and snow but clothed in light

an ice fringed card once opened on snow limmed ground

grandfather of the cards that dress the mantle for this year/

sleighs now under the tree

as rich memories hanging free

and zoom of sled down frosted slope

reminds of youth dipped in joy and hope

now photo shopped on tree branch wide

bringing smiles and sweet remembered glide.

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