KJ Hannah Greenberg and David Truman

David Truman
Ties That Bind
Inspiration Piece

Encircling as Wrapping: Misread Six Autistic Rotating among Angels
KJ Hannah Greenberg

Response Piece

I spin, (six) propeller arms on the playground,
Encircling again to wrap myself away from din, ruckus, noise.
Calming comes from whirling, reorganizing six goes forward
With twisting. My vestibular system requires three
Hundred and SIXty degrees of social flipping. Also, fingers.

Dogs. Squirrels. Other children stare, their adults point, gossip.
Make talk six (!) about a towhead full of improbable responses.
Yet, my motion, which brings limbs, organs, saliva equidistance
To trees, earth, seesaws, comforts, twelve-toned chromatic
Scales not withstanding, s-i-x links me, creation, plus our Maker.