In October, 2011, Del Ray Artisans and SPARK: art from writing/writing from art embarked on an artistic journey that pushes boundaries. The show was a first for Del Ray Artisans: seventy-two artists signed up to respond to poems and prose by seven SPARK writers. Each artist received one written piece (their creative “spark”) and then had approximately two months to create new work using the assigned story or poem as a jumping off point.

“There’s nothing like a deadline to get the creative fires burning,” said Amy Souza, show co-curator and SPARK founder. “Plus the story or poem gives you an immediate starting point, something to ponder and delve into for images and ideas. In essence, the written work becomes the artist’s muse.”

Co-curator Amanda Wright also ran a Get Sparked! round for students at Greenbriar East Elementary. Students were given a story or a poem to inspire a new piece of art. “It was such a fantastic opportunity and experience for children to share their creativity and imagination with others and to see their work in a gallery setting,” said Wright.

The show featured an opening reception, a reading by SPARK writers, and a student reception.

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