Grace Burns and Judy Weinberg

Judy Weinberg
They Always Sat Together
Inspiration piece

Double Identity
By Grace Burns


The Young One stared into her mirror

to search for someone other than herself.


The Aged One, she imagined, would

be a woman who got past her mistakes,


did not know regret and harbored no insecurities.

She would be a mature and wise beauty.


The Young One gazed into the glass

to find the one she assumed would have it all figured out.


After years of watching, the Aged One finally appeared,

but not in the form the Young One expected.


She was shockingly wrinkled and bent,

and weary from the burden of her years.


Fixing her piercing stare upon the other

she croaked only two words – “Forgive yourself.”





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  1. Posted December 14, 2013 at 6:30 pm | #

    Beautiful and thought-provoking! I love the way the image suggested the concept of identity–a surprise that works the whole way through!