Helen Lewis and Anthony Valade

Helen Lewis

Blood in the gutter



Anthony Valade

Gutter Water

Inspiration piece


Eyes caught a glimpse of nothing as everything turned black.

Ran for days not thinking of the past.

Lost fears – penetrating through flesh.

Never had to stop or bathe.

Just a filthy, filthy, mess.


– Shots –

Screams rang by emotion.

Tight squeezing raging on through the notions.



Mind in the dark.

I want to rip your arm apart.


I want to rip your eyes out and taste them.

Then a calm from in the car.


You’d want to kill your mother and baste in a sea of every part.



You don’t know the reason of this show.

Can’t leave when the doors are closed,

Dead and alone with no way home.



Gutter water.

Take a number.

On the clock running to the daughter.

On the walls breathe in lost lust and lather:


# Faster darling we can make this better #


Take it from a doctor to another physician,

The wounds so deep and gushes buckets of crimson,

Tape it closed and sow it up.

Drench with alcohol and lick it off.

Make another, rough in the cut.

Rip it off, be with me, it’s just another spot.



Oh, the blood goes:


# No sympathetic ensemble for me. #

# Only truth told, we try to get what we need. #

# Never foretold the way we are underneath. #

# Fill that glass with what’s under the sink. #


Just like how we get on the scene right?

The way we dance on the red dye.

Asking each other if we’re still alive.



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  1. Posted December 9, 2013 at 9:29 pm | #

    I am really digging this spark pairing. I have to learn to double expose pics in Adobe, love the colors, and the piece is perfect!