Jules Rolfe and KJ Hannah Greenberg

Jules Rolfe


So, Sometimes We Fail
KJ Hannah Greenberg

Inspiration Piece

So, sometimes we fail.
Legs, like unfortunate umbrellas,
Open where hands miss railings,
Weddings, walls, other supports.

Instead, mud, gravel, urban waste,
Fills our landings.
Betrayal makes upside down
Experiences predicate gains.

Whereas shell plus gristle disappoint,
Certain categorizings, picked apart,
Bring along growth opportunities
(Especially if bookended by despair).

Commitments fold. Knees hurt.
Friends essentially disappear.
Puddles populate our paths
Bankruptcy, infidelity chime.

Spinach moments, so it’s said,
Build character, develop strengths.
Yet, heartburn, too, causes flushing.
Calls up yesterday’s buffet.

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