Michelle Wallace and Tora Estep

Tora Estep
Inspiration Piece

Spark Inspiration- Tora Estep


The Dreamer
by Michelle Wallace
Response piece

The sun sets
Submerging into icy blue
Ripples swallow orange and red and pink
Wind swirls the trees
A white orb peeks through clouds
Shadows creep along the ground
And quietly, she sleeps
In an embryonic embrace
Cocooned by blankets, she dreams
Of far-away lands and times
Cities with star-bright lights
Voices like rushing water
Green hilltops and snowy mountain peaks
And he is there, always
Smiling, hand outstretched
He pulls her up, up
Through the trees and hills and sky
Straight into velvety black space
But warm somehow, she is warm
Surrounded by planets and galaxies
Intimately held
Peacefully she sleeps