Adam Gagnon and Sukia

Inspiration Piece

I’m sure the wind will teach me.
By Adam Gagnon


It’s hard to rise above

when you’re drowning in others’ eyes

your soul turns black

when jaded by deception

I miss the easy days

when I was fascinated by the word “bittersweet”

so many circumstances seemd to fit in adolescence

Now I’m drawn in by “technicolor”

If I buy five I can take two today

and three tomorrow

Better yet I can get ten now

eat three for a couple days

and have four on the third.

I love riding waves of gravity on the back roads.

I’m sure the wind will teach me

exactly what’s electric

while it carries away my passing thoughts

But for now it’s only birds for me

and butterflies for you

until we’re through

And with this water rising

I hope you know which ride to take.