Mark Owen Martin
and Barbara Bever

(Image by Jane Hulstrunk)

Mark Owen Martin
Musical montage ==> Legacy

Barbara Bever
Inspiration piece

I am from bagpipes and tartans,
Bonnie hills and liquid lochs,
Cherry pipe tobacco, and
Blue-veined hands pumping well water.

I am from the cold metal glider
Amidst shaded pines and fields of phlox
Cider apples, purple pansies, tumbling
Siblings and cousins gathered up in a riotous bouquet.

I am from curly-haired dolls on Christmas morn,
Speckled linoleum and a one-bathroom home,
Up the dusty trail to bedrooms shared,
A camper towed, let’s get the show on the road.

I am from ponies and skis, swings and skates,
A red Schwinn bike with coaster brakes,
Firefly summers and blazing leaves,
White cold winters and gray wet springs.

I am from doctors and lawyers,
Ministers and teachers,
Strong-willed women and civic-minded men,
Seeking my own significance.

I am from joy and sadness, love and loss,
Plenty and want, anger and forgiveness,
Faith and fragility,
Doubt and hope.

I am from marriage and motherhood,
Lovers and friends,
Memories and the future.
My children are from me.


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