Bonnie Lebesch and Kevin Craig

Bonnie Lebesch
And We’ll Dance
Acrylic on panel

And We’ll Dance
By Kevin Craig
Inspiration piece

And we’ll dance,
the sea foam waltz
we knew
when we were young,
our pant-legs dipping
in the surf
and the squish
of water in our shoes,
because we’ll be in love
willing to forget
the anger
that made us
dance apart.

We’ll waltz
in the light
as it spills
from the caviar sky,
bursts of starlight
in the foam
at our feet.

And we’ll fall,
splash in the surf
like the children
we left behind
as we aged,
became these fossils
who forgot
the simplicity
of splashing
through the waltz
of our workaday lives.

And we’ll float
out to sea,
become one
with the waves
as they drag us
clear away.

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One Comment

  1. Posted October 30, 2010 at 10:43 am | #

    Adore this painting–the overlay of trailing circles in the caviar sky of sea, beautifully oblique to the text. I think this must be how it’s supposed to work–the art makes more of the words as the words make more of the art.

    Bonnie, will you be my partner next time? : )