Delores Ekberg and Doug Pugh

Delores Ekberg

High plains drifter
By Doug Pugh
Inspiration piece

Face to face

on a high col

nothing here except

space, wind whipped grasses

I could see

in his eyes

my reflection

until he stamped, snorted

for attention

a whinny that said

look again

drowning beyond my narcissism

plunging to his depths

i fell

into the thunder

beneath blue skies

a remuda charging breathless

over sweeping ranges

a bond between hooves

and mountain

the lariat dropped from my hands

this was not a horse

to rope, to bind

this was the spirit

of us all

a parting snicker

flash of tossed mane

the ring of hooves on stone

and the whip of care free tail

left me with a fleeting second

a touch

a lurch

a moment in my heart

where i was truly wild

and was the better for it