Dennis Hayes and
Adam Cornford

Meltwater (MP3)
By Dennis Hayes
Inspiration piece


Chameleon Ice

(a response to “Meltwater” by Dennis Hayes)

Chameleon ice in flocks of comets falling spread its wings into oceans

Chameleon ice is building terraces now in the bends of black streams

Chameleon ice is breathing futuristic maps onto the gaze of childhood

Chameleon ice draws creaking diagrams of its disintegration-forest

Chameleon ice collects the colorless honey of space in its lattices

Chameleon ice rises through nightwater as death ascends through life

Chameleon ice preserves the fractals of waves as stochastic sculpture

Chameleon ice rings tiny bells in prayer to gravity as it lets itself go

Chameleon ice at sunrise rosy as mackerel gills in a sloping steel tray

Chameleon ice tumbling in a shower of garnets from frozen carcasses

Chameleon ice pink shards under the swirling jingling light of money

Chameleon ice flicks its billion cloudy tongues to trap steel mosquitoes

Chameleon ice the flowstone heaven of belugas echoing their song

Chameleon ice at the pole pulling itself together smaller each winter

Chameleon ice the ever reborn toxin-archive of our heedless ingenuity

Chameleon ice crawls over itself a horde of dragons racing to the sea

Adam Cornford