Edite Haberman and Anne Welch

Edite HabermanIt’s a Girl/Poster Series #2


Once Upon a Dream – Anne Welch

Inspiration piece:

She stands tall

She blinks once

Once upon a time

Once is all it took

Took her by surprise

Took time to see

See her beauty

See his truth

Truth conquers all

Truth creates love

Love is all you need

Love is what I see

See her standing there

See him gently smile

Smile when happy

Smile with laughter

Laughter bursts

Laughter  takes over

Over each moment

Over and over again

Again she stands

Again he looks

Looks deep inside

Looks down at his shoe

Shoe fits tight

Shoe shine

Shine on sister

Shine bright

Bright blinking eyes

Bright and glistening

Glistening lips

Glisten with water

Water falls fast

Water  to tears

Tears that touch

Tears speak words

Words hold no power

Words take away

Away they went

Away to Sin City

City of dreams

City of lost

Lost he is blind

Lost she is broken

Broken heart

Broken dreams

Dreams bring magic

Dreams  come true




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