Jean Gordon and Amaryllis Holloway

Jean Gordon

There is hope in the beginning of a new day


 By: Amaryllis Holloway

Inspiration piece

So many in our community need assistance
The mother who is struggling to feed her children after losing her job
The family who lost all their belongings in a fire
The child who suffered emotional and physical abuse at the hands of a merciless parent
The young man who stuggles with substance abuse but desires to change
The parents who love their autistic son more than anything in the world but don’t know how to care for him properly
The woman who finally had the courage to leave the man who adminstered daily beating for the most trivial matters
Yes, so many in our community need assistance
We do not have to give our resources
We do not have to help less fortunate people
Showing kindness can make a difference
Something small might mean the world to someone in need

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