Kathleen Finn Jordan
and Brian MacDonald

Brian MacDonald
Inspiration piece

Wheels A-Flying
Kathleen Finn Jordan

Wheels a-flying brake set high
Small horn a singing low ride nigh
Cruisin’ solid hot and wild
This bike’s a joy for man and child
Streamers smack the wind and crack
Places fly by clickity clack
Joy is dancing in the air
Hands grip bars as do and dare
I race and ride and peer and think
I steer and hope to stay out of the drink
I breathe sweet smells and pass thru sights
I travel thru days and into nights
My cruiser and I have places to see
And tales to tell if I’m let be
To ride my bike and tool along
And ring my bell with its screaming song
When day is done it’s real not fake
This ride is done as I clutch my brake.