Amy Moffitt and Annie Welch

Annie Welch

“Girl in a Box”

Inspiration Piece



What You Cannot Change Is A Cage With No Key
Amy Moffitt
Response Piece


At night, laying in her bed

she watches the shadows of branches

make patterns on her wall.

The combination of a sidewalk light and a wintry oak tree

creating a wholly other thing of ephemeral beauty.


Other patterns are different.

The way she prepares her coffee every morning,

the orderly disorder of people in the train station,

the raindrops sliding down the train window.


She sees patterns everywhere.

The cracks in the sidewalk,

the rows of windows in office buildings

the flocking of birds…

Everywhere, everywhere, randomness





Some patterns push her back into herself.

Patterns of rejection, patterns of hurt,

patterns of depression that leave her stranded

locked in the cage of her own mind.


The problem with a pattern

is that it isn’t really a thing.

She reaches up to her bedroom wall,

but cannot change the shape of the shadows.


She cannot change the ordering of things

into predictable patterns.

She cannot stop the chain reaction

when she sees that things have gone wrong again.


So she remains an observer of patterns,

both comforted and caged

by all the things she wishes were different

by all the patterns she cannot touch

and cannot change.

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  1. Posted February 28, 2011 at 6:26 pm | #

    There is a sadness and a starkness in both of these that finds resonance both with the companion piece and the reader. Nicely done.