Leyla Sarigol and Amy Souza

Amy Souza
Inspiration piece

By Amy Souza

Inspiration piece

One thousand years from now
above the Aegean Sea,
two metal beasts collide,
raining flesh and flames,
the scorch of burning skin.

Ashes of past beauty carpet the globe.
An age of punditry rages.
Safety is gone, its illusion revealed.

A voice commands turn back,
feel fully the space between once and someday.
Theseus’s sword saved him from the queen of poisons.
Could we ever be so blessed?

Feelin Space Fully Between Once and Someday
(Click to watch video on Vimeo)
By Leyla Sarigol


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  1. Posted June 2, 2011 at 5:58 pm | #

    My favorite line ‘the space between once and someday’ in stuck in my head. I thought the two, art and verse, (video short, too) sang together. The verse remind me of tales from Greek mythology, and for reasons I cannot explain I thought of Pompeii while reading.