Marla Deschenes and Rachel Morton

Rachel Morton
Hand-built clay
Inspiration piece

Marla Deschenes
One More Day
Response piece

Life will hand you the hardest of destinies
And you will clench your jaw and steel your gaze
And find nothing more burning behind your eyelids
Than the imprint of the masks we all wear
Releasing yourself with the latest exhale
The pure will and determination
To carry on
One more day.

All I ever wanted was to be lost in your face
To be lost in your impossible lips
Your softest skin that indented to my fingertips
The memory of the taste of your chin
Lingering forever on the tip of my tongue
The pure will and determination
To get you to talk to me
One more day.

The things that you taught me are not lost inside
But catch me off guard at the craziest of moments.
Curbside, counting how many times we would break your mother’s back
Laughing like school girls released from their captivity
In dress-up fashions and high heels
The pure will and determination
To remain at your side
One more day.

Everything has a shattering point no matter how strong
Torn from your arms by the whirling dervish of another
More exciting and less fucked up than I ever was
Dragging on those cigarettes and hanging on your every word
Escaping nothing more than my lies and yours
The pure will and determination
To tear my heart out
One more day.

Life will hand you the hardest of destinies
But you will discover with every passing inhale
That in some ways, it is only what you rightly deserve
And the karma you were righteously waiting for
You broke a part of me that can never be repaired
The pure will and determination
Of trying not to see your face
One more day.

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