Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
and Alixandra Martin

Alixandra Martin
London Dreaming
Oil on Canvas 40″x30″

Inspiration Piece

Umbrella Path
Amy Ludwig VanDerwater


Like old stones in a river
… by one
……….these bright umbrellas
……………form a path across the water
………………..keeping people warm and dry.

But today I long to tiptoe
on the tops of each umbrella
green and orange
red and yellow
in soft silver tears of sky.

I want to dance across them
from umbrella to umbrella
pitter patter
as the people wonder why –

why they hear a sound
like footsteps
on their colorful umbrellas
as I whisper to this wet world
It is I.
It is I.

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    I enjoyed this trip even if you probably are an English teacher!