Ben Tuason and Adam Gagnon

Ben Tuason


By Adam Gagnon
Inspiration piece

the sky burns and melts
like an opium chemic in my veins
the stars are bleeding
and space is stained crimson

I light my candles and watch the smoke
combine with my prayers for sanity
I run through daisy fields and look for God
in all the wrong places and dreams

I fall asleep and enter a galaxy
burnt, dark, and morose
with pantomine women
faded souls and frozen woes

I turn to the Lady Blue
she is dressed in white
and I ask her to perfect me
so I too can dress in white

I follow her song through infinite dark chasms
to find my heart, mangled and broken
we seek refuge in her blue closet castle
and talk of the transformation

take me down to heaven
guide me in straight
I know you’ve been there
many times before
I hope you can show me the way

she closes my eyes
as Heaven is in one’s mind
she whispers softly and
I will soon be programmed metal

feeling your lies go through gently
your whisper is a thousand voices #%#@<>
I don’t recall exactly (9827)
what is God’s name

animosity’s cover smile
glowing plastic envy
she surgically removes my sin
what is she putting in me?!

I know now I’ve gone too far
deeper, more tragic stains
her deception is marvelous
and I enjoy my pain

mechanical soul electric robot twitch
eliminate emotion=symptoms erased
scientist remorse leaves an iron wish
seeking a humanity technology creates

this lady in white is a glorious demon
her shadow compromise a wonderful scheme
now as an android much beyond reason
I close my eyes to fall into a more beautiful dream

centered, synchronized, and symmetric
I wake to hear the mimic sound of laughter
light drowns my eyes and floods my brain
my heart is dirty, and my soul is stained


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